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Practice Tips

Steps to Successful E-Filing

Steps for E-Filing a Motion in Federal Court

1. Verify your e-filing deadline with court, attorney, and/or staff. For example, most district courts require the electronic transmission be completed . . . . Read more

A Cite Checking Checklist

A Cite Checking Checklist

I used to love the library as a kid, so spending time in law libraries seems like a natural progression for me, although in this digital age, I spend less time in a physical library than a virtual one. Read more

Summary Judgment Motions

Summary Judgment Motions

There is one very basic premise upon which summary judgment motions are based. The job of the trier of fact is to determine the facts, while determining the law is a job for the judge alone. Read more

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More Practice Tips

Preserving Privilege: Best Practices

Preserving Privilege: Best Practices

One of the most important concepts in litigation is that of privileged information, and an attorney’s duty to protect it from disclosure. Read more

Preparing Privilege Logs: Best Practices

Preparing Privilege Logs

Did you know that the phrase “privilege log” is nowhere to be found in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure? A privilege log is a procedural convention, commonly . . . . Read more

Inadvertent Disclosure: Just How Serious Is It?

Inadvertent Disclosure: Just How Serious Is It?

Opposing counsel is accidentally copied on a confidential email to the client. Or privileged emails have accidentally been included . . . Read more

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